America’s Best Bourbon Bars 2020 – South Region

America's Best Bourbon Bars 2020 South Region.

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Old Hickory Whiskey Bar in Pensacola, Florida, offers one of the widest lists in the region. Photo Credit Old Hickory Whiskey Bar.

Our Southern list grew too this year, adding new bars like The Golden Rule in Georgetown, Texas, and Rebellion in North Carolina. While some bars stick to bourbon, spots like Yardbird and Local Three are serving up fun for the whole family with carry out feasts that serve 4-6. Frustratingly, a few bars from this region have had it doubly hard, closing not only for Covid, but also briefly for inclement weather as hurricane season hit hard. We’re ready and waiting for all our bars to be open – tap their links for more info on how you can support them in tough times. Here are America’s Best Bourbon Bars from the South! 

Wagyu New York Strip at The Golden Rule in Georgetown, Texas. Photo Credit The Golden Rule.

Yardbird Southern Table and Bar, Miami Beach, FL

C.W.S. Bar + Kitchen, Lake Worth Beach, FL

Brick City Southern Kitchen & Whiskey Bar, Ocala, FL

Old Hickory Whiskey Bar, Pensacola, FL

Poison Girl, Houston, TX

Eight Row Flint, Houston, TX

The Standard Pour, Dallas, TX

The Golden Rule, Georgetown, TX

Mac McGee, Decatur, GA

Southern Art & Bourbon Bar, Atlanta, GA

Local Three Kitchen & Bar, Atlanta, GA

The Whiskey Project, Roswell, GA

Front Street Brewery, Wilmington, NC

Rebellion, Wilmington, NC

The Crunkleton, Chapel Hill, NC

Bourbon, Columbia, SC

Husk, Charleston, SC

Husk, Nashville, TN

Gertie’s Bar at The 404 Kitchen, Nashville, TN

The Patterson House, Nashville, TN

Whiskey Kitchen, Nashville, TN

Barrel Proof, New Orleans, LA

Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House, New Orleans, LA

Social Southern Table & Bar, Lafayette, LA

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Neighborhood bar Barrel Proof New Orleans is closed temporarily, but still more than deserving of a spot on our list. Photo Credit Barrel Proof.

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