Beer, Bourbon & Bacon

The Bourbon Review and Belles Cocktail House are excited to announce they will be hosting a tasting event that also features experts from Americas three favorite food groups: Beer, Bourbon and Bacon.
On April 22nd, Belles will host Sierra Nevada’s Head Brewer Steve Dressler and James Dressler, Head of Barrel Aging Department as they walk you through three of their most sought after Bourbon barrel aged beers. This is a rare opportunity to meet these beer geniuses in the heart of Bourbon Country. Hunter Chavene from Willett Distillery will also be joining and showcasing to guest three Bourbons they produce, one of which will be from their extremely rare Family Estate line. And last, but not least, guests will be treated to some of the best bacon and country ham in the country courtesy of Jay Denham, chef and master charcuterie for Woodlands Pork and The Cure House, with samples of his 3-year-old cured Mountain Ham and his Back Bacon. Steve Coomes, author of the book, “Country Ham: A Southern Tradition of Hogs, Salt & Smoke” will also be on hand.
Justin Thompson, Co-Owner of Belles and Editor-in-Chief of The Bourbon Review believes, “This might be the best culinary-adventurer event we’ve hosted at Belles. These beers are super rare and one of them (Wood-Aged Vanilla Porter) will be making its Kentucky deput. The Bourbons from Willett are out of this world and so are the hams and bacon Jay at Woodland Pork produces. These men are all rockstars  in their field and we have them all at Belles!  Should be a great evening for those who have a passion for food and drink.” 

Price of admission is $35. The event is April 22nd, and will run from 6-8pm. Guests will be given a welcoming beer followed by samples of three Bourbon barrel aged beers from Sierra Nevada, three samples of Bourbons from Willett Distillery and samples of bacon and ham from Woodlands Pork. Belles Cocktail House is located at 156 Market Street, Lexington, KY. 

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Wood Aged Bigfoot, Wood Aged Narwhal, Wood Aged Vanilla Porter


Willet Pot Still Reserve, Rowan’s Creek, and a special Family Reserve selection

Bacon and Ham

Cured House Back Bacon
Woodlands Pork 3 Year Cured Mountain Ham
Woodlands Pork’s free ranging hogs roam the foothills of the West Virginia Appalachian mountains eating acorns, paw-paws, hickory nuts and grubs. Once the hogs are harvested, their hams are cured in Denham’s climate controlled facility in Louisville.