$75,000 “Mystic Galactic Bourbon” Will Age in Outer Space…Huh?

Mystic Galactic Bourbon, $75,000 for spaced aged. Courtesy

The creative realm for aging Bourbon is about to jump out of the stratosphere…literally. Forget Rickhouses and their boring gravity bound limitations. Mystic Galactic Bourbon has announced some very ground breaking things on the horizon.

Mystic Galactic Bourbon (label name) has announced plans to age a Bourbon for one year in outer space with a 750ml price tag of $75,000. The Bourbon is being produced by Durham, North Carolina based Mystic Farm & Distillery. The distillery, per their website, was founded in 2015. They use estate grown grains in their product mashbills and use water from a local aquifer running beneath the distillery grounds.

About The Spirit

  • Made from 45% wheat, 55% corn
  • Aged 3 years on Planet Earth
  • Aged 1 year in OUTER SPACE ORBIT
  • 53 gallon oak barrels
  • Original barrels are being re-coopered prior to launch to install baffles and to ensure integrity during launch, orbit, and reentry.  
  • Estimated 1,000 – 1,500 bottles available

Galactic vs Earth Aged

There will be an earth aged Bourbon titled “Ground Control” of the same batch used to compare to the space aged juice. Ground Control will be available to the public.

Packaging will entail a special custom made aluminum flight case, piece of space barrel, and a 50ml sample. That’s a nice touch at least.

NFT will be used for authentication purposes. Apparently, refunds are available should plans go south for this ambitious project at any point.

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