The Top Bourbon Bars in America: Bourbon Country

Top 75 Bourbon Bars in America - Bourbon Country

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The 2014 List of America’s Top Bourbon Bars  |  The 2013 List of America’s Top Bourbon Bars


Belle’s Cocktail House, Lexington, KY:  With over 100 Bourbons and several fun events to attend throughout the year, like the popular Bourbon, Beer and Bacon that featured Willett Family Estate 23-year-old Bourbon, barrel-aged beers from Sierra Nevada and 3-year-old cured country ham from local Woodlands Pork, how can you not stop in on your visit to Bourbon Country?

Old Bourbon County Kitchen, Lexington, KY

Bluegrass Tavern, Lexington, KYTop 75 Bourbon Bars in America - Bourbon Country Region

Paulie’s Toasted Barrel, Lexington, KY

Distilled At Gratz Park Inn, Lexington, KY

Silver Dollar, Louisville, KY 

Char’d Bourbon Kitchen and Lounge, Louisville, KY

Down One Bourbon Bar, Louisville, KY 

Proof on Main, Louisville, KY

St. Charles Exchange, Louisville, KY 

Bourbons Bistro, Louisville, KY:  One of Louisville’s original Bourbon bars, it has over a couple hundred varieties for you to choose from and several Bourbon infused dishes to dine on as well.

Haymarket Whiskey Bar, Louisville, KY: This former coffee house turned Bourbon mecca is the perfect venue if you want over a 100 Bourbons to choose from, while listening to live music that ranges from indie-rock to bluegrass.  If you look up dive-bar in the dictionary, chances are there’s a picture of this joint being showcased.

Doc Crows, Louisville, KYTop Bourbon Bars in America - The Miller House, Owensboro, KY

The Rick House, Bardstown, KY

The Old Talbot Tavern, Bardstown, KY  

Harrison Smith House, Bardstown, KY

Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar, Covington, KY

Wayne and Jane Whiskey Bar, Danville, KY

The Miller House, Owensboro, KY:  Who doesn’t love old mansions that are converted into restaurants housing 400 Bourbons?

Wiseguy Lounge, Covington, KY:  Can you get great Bourbon here?  Check.  Can you get great cocktails here?  Check.  Can you get maybe the best New York style pizza outside of Manhattan in the same building?  Check.

Newberry Bros Coffee, Newport, KY:  Over 300 Bourbons.  Enough said.

Old Owl Tavern, Harrodsburg, KY: Located in the historic Beaumont Tavern, this quaint inn now boasts a prestigious James Beard Award, to complement their great Bourbon selection.


Overview  |  Bourbon Country  |  Northeast Region  |  South Region  |  Midwest Region  |  West Region

The 2014 List of America’s Top Bourbon Bars  |  The 2013 List of America’s Top Bourbon Bars