The Perfect Manhattan. Photo credit: Peter Frank Edwards.

We Asked 7 Bartenders What Makes the Perfect Manhattan

Ask a bartender for a perfect Manhattan and you’ll get a cocktail with whiskey, bitters, and both sweet and dry vermouth. But ask a bartender for the perfect Manhattan...

Jefferson’s Journey Comes to a Close with Release at The Frazier History Museum

Two and a half years after the barrels first set sail from Louisville, the bourbon known as Jefferson’s Journey is finally ready to make its way to market. On January...

34 Kentucky Breweries are Getting New Riff Barrels to Play With

New Riff Distilling is getting into craft beer in a big way. This month, they'll be sharing ex-bourbon barrels with 34 different Kentucky breweries. The barrels will be filled with...

Old Forester Announces Debut of Rye, Their First New Mashbill in 150 Years

Old Forester Rye, the distillery’s first new mashbill in almost 150 years, is hitting shelves February first. Old Forester Rye is made up of 65 percent rye, 20 percent malted barley,...

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